Pantri Swswen Preserves – luxury award winning Marmalades made with hand-cut organic Seville oranges and citrus fruits using the whole fruit open pan method. We capture the citrus sunshine from every fruit preserving it with a taste of Wales for your enjoyment.

Pantri Swswen Luxury Preserves Selection

Welsh Cider & Seville Orange Marmalade

Silver Award winning Welsh Cider and Seville Orange Marmalade

Cider and Seville Orange Marmalade ~ An intensely moreish Seville Orange whole fruit marmalade made with Welsh Cider.
Capturing the heady autumnal aroma of Welsh cider melding with the citrus rich bitter flavour of the Seville orange it’s a beautifully evocative combination to include on your breakfast table.
An Award winning Marmalade ~ Awarded Silver at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2016.

Lemon and Welsh Vodka Marmalade


Lemon and Welsh Vodka Marmalade is a luxurious whole fruit marmalade, made with organic lemons and finished with a generous slug of Penderyn V Vodka.   Penderyn V Vodka is made from a pure clean water sourced from the Brecon Beacons mountain range.  This is our take on Limoncello, delicately made to retain the freshest lemon flavour and blended with Welsh vodka, try it and discover the taste of Wales.

An Award winning Marmalade ~ Awarded Silver at The World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2017.

Welsh Brandy & Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville Orange and Welsh Apple Brandy Marmalade ~ Pantri Swswen

Welsh Brandy and Seville Orange Marmalade. A beautifully made punchy whole fruit orange marmalade with thick chunks of peel finished with Welsh apple brandy.

Ruby Grapefruit & Welsh Honey Marmalade

Ruby Grapefruit and Welsh Honey Marmalade; a zingy pink ruby grapefruit whole fruit marmalade enhanced by raw Welsh heather honey.


Welsh Whisky & Seville Orange Marmalade

Seville Orange and Welsh Whisky Marmalade ~ Pantri Swswen

Seville Orange and Welsh Whisky Marmalade; a beautifully made punchy whole fruit orange marmalade. Thick cut chunky peel finished with Welsh whisky perfect for an indulgent Sunday morning treat.

Welsh Beetroot Chutney

Beetroot Chutney ~ Pantri Swswen

In our Beetroot Chutney the simple rich earthiness of beetroot shines in this luxury Welsh preserve. A treasured recipe from ‘Nana’ we combine seasonal beetroot with onions, apples and finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Perfect with cold meats and a stalwart for your cheeseboard.

Fig, Almond & Welsh Pumpkin Chutney; a lightly spiced chutney which is a must for your cheeseboard. Figs and pumpkin enhanced with the lightest touch of eastern spices and the luxury of sliced almonds. Its spiced mellow flavour works especially well with goats and mozzarella cheeses.

Spiced Welsh Rhubarb Chutney; a fruity spiced chutney with an unmistakable rhubarb flavour rich with dates and warming with ginger. It received a coveted bronze award from the International Cheese Awards in 2017.

Welsh Pear and Roast Walnut Chutney made with gorgeous juicy Welsh grown pears blended with roast walnuts.  This is sensational with any soft or hard goats cheese.

Welsh Green Bean Chutney is deliciously versatile with a mustard, sharp and warming flavour perfect to accompany cold meats and cheese.

Preserves – Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve

Luxury Preserves made in Mid Wales
Pantri Swswen – Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve

Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve is full of deep dark fruits with a piquancy unique to blackcurrants.   A sublime conserve and a favourite in our range of luxury Welsh preserves.

Strawberry Conserve is a delicately set preserve and the taste of summer.  The fresh summer strawberry taste is a flavour to savour at breakfast through to afternoon tea and a classic in our Welsh preserves collection.

Pantri Swswen Luxury Cake Selection

Sticky Gingerbread

Rich and darkly decadent, our Sticky Gingerbread is full of ginger spice. Welsh butter, milk, flour and eggs all enhanced by our own blend of sweet spices. This moist and darkly rich gingerbread cake is perfect with a cup of freshly brewed coffee and a quiet moment to enjoy it’s full Welsh sweet spice flavour.

Welsh Honey and Almond Cake

The sweet honeyed perfume from this very special Welsh Wildflower Honey is complemented beautifully by the simple flavours of the other ingredients we have used in this divine cake.  You can taste each element of this humble cake, honey, almonds, butter and the nutty spelt flour giving a rich and wholesome finish.

Welsh Cider Marmalade Cake

This moreish marmalade cake recipe was created entirely around our award winning Welsh Cider and Seville Orange Marmalade.  Full of dark apricots and plump sultanas with generous spoonfuls of marmalade; its full farmhouse cider aroma has lovely depth of flavour.  A superb wholesome cake to accompany your Welsh farmhouse afternoon tea.

Other preserves and cakes are also available seasonally.