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The Joys of Spring

Rhubarb Chutney Recipe for Spring

Garden rhubarb is the mainstay of Welsh Spiced Rhubarb Chutney recipe and is the crop we are most impatiently waiting for at this time of the year.  It’s one of the first of crops we get to harvest during the Spring months and is the first chutney of the year that we start making.  Late April (if we are lucky) and certainly by early May we are busy plucking the sturdy ruby and green stems. Combining them with a local cider vinegar and a blend of warm mixed spices and dates that work together well in this rhubarb chutney recipe.  It makes for a welcome change from the steady flow of marmalade we produce throughout the late months winter. 

Protecting the harvest

The days are getting longer and the hour change is fast approaching as the new year comes to life in the hedgerows, gardens and orchards in rural Mid Wales.  Daffodils are waving their yellow heads at us and the fruit trees and bushes are busy forming buds.  Temperatures stray into double figures in the daytime but we’re still in frost season. Always mindful to protect the newly emerging buds and then the blossoms so we have a bountiful harvest later in the year.

Spring Planning

It’s at this time of year we set time aside to have discussions with our local growers on what new plantings will be needed for harvesting in Autumn and how other crops have overwintered.  Always listed are beetroot and pumpkins, this year we’re asking for chili peppers, shallots and garlic.  Excited discussions about how fruit trees planted a couple of years ago may be ready to harvest for the first time later on this year.  Planning new products and refining recipes is such an enjoyably slow and seasonal process.  Taking time to get the right ingredient, right quality and at the right time takes skill and dedication and involves a chain of experienced input from those we work with.

Such is the beauty of slow food and the joys of Spring.

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Christmas Food Gifts

Christmas Food Gifts from Wales

Christmas food gifts, especially those that can be delivered direct to door are increasingly appealing. Artisans you’d normally have expected to see at food festivals, you can indulge in an online foodie shopping experience. There are benefits to both the sender and those lucky enough to receive them.  Part of this appeal is the utter convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home.  What a bonus for you to now be able to buy from us direct, luxury Welsh food handmade in Wales for your enjoyment.

Christmas Food Gifts
Christmas Food Gifts

Choose luxury artisan Christmas food gifts

Choosing from our award-winning, artisanal, handmade, luxury food to buy online couldn’t be more convenient or any easier.  Having access to your favourite artisan food in one space certainly takes the legwork out of present buying. These are the key elements of the luxury Welsh food we make; multi award-winning food from the heart of Wales.  All of our foods are made with Welsh grown and produced ingredients. We’ve picked up many awards over the years from The Worlds Original Marmalade Awards, The Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Awards and International Cheese Awards.  We are artisan producers and use Welsh grown and produced ingredients in each of our products.

Christmas Food Gift
Christmas Food Gift

Award winning produce from Wales

We work closely with local suppliers and growers and source some amazing produce from Wales.  We focus on making luxury Welsh food perfect for gifting and for your enjoyment.  Visit our online shop where you can buy all of your luxury foodie gifts and get them delivered direct to door.

Buy seasonal foodie gifts from Wales

Time management and running a tight schedule during the festive season means buying online can be a simple solution. Buying online can take some of the strain of finding time to track down that perfect gift from Wales.  Options to browse select gifts and hampers online or to even build your own hamper and then simply checkout couldn’t be easier.   Add in a gift card and include your special message without having to lift a pen, find an envelope or stick on a bow before it’s all packed up and sent out for you.  If you choose gifts and hampers ready to go and drop an “Especially selected for you” card in at the checkout. It’s your one-stop shopping experience at its best and gifting a joy. 

Create food memories

Sending Christmas food gifts to loved ones, friends and colleagues and bringing a festive Welsh rural food experience to their table is so thoughtful.  For every holiday or mini break away we can all recall precious moments of our trip, so many of which are food related.  When you’ve enjoyed great food on your travels gifting a food experience evoking memories of beautiful holidays away can help recreate those “good times”. 

Choose your perfect food gifts this Christmas

Each of the luxury Welsh products in the online shop are perfect for gifting.  They are all available for you to buy individually so you can make up your own Christmas food gifts.  Choosing a gift pack trio, or a hamper means you get the full gifting experience.  Browse the selection, add to the basket and then checkout when you’re ready.  Each of the gifts are beautifully packaged and finished with a bow and an about us card.  If you’re looking for a very personalised gift then you can now add in an occasion card.  You choose the occasion, we’ll handwrite your personal note and send it for delivery along with your chosen gift. 

Celebrate the festive season and choose Christmas gifts online

Festive trio packs, seasons greetings hampers, these are in fact just for Christmas!  A festive seasonal selection beautifully packaged in our lux hamper boxes.  Subscriptions are a gift that keep on giving, there’s a few different options to choose from.  You can try a sweet, savoury or a seasonal subscription selection with either 3, 6 or 12 monthly deliveries.  If you’re finding choosing from the selection of festive trio’s, hampers and subscription gifts too taxing you can always take the strain out of it with a gift card.  Simply choose from the gift cards which come in a variety of options and leave it up to your loved one to choose from the seasonal collection this Christmas.  Merry Christmas!

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Mother’s Day Food Gifts

Mothers Day Food Gifts
Mothers Day

Mother’s Day Food Gifts

Celebrate a day especially dedicated to mothers and special women who hold an important presence in your life. Also known as Mothering Sunday. It’s an ideal moment to say thank you for being Mum and to show appreciation and gratitude to our mothers for everything they do for us. Because even if you regularly share special times together it’s just another lovely excuse to have a get together and do something nice. Who doesn’t like a treat!

Mother's Day Food Gifts
Mother’s Day

The first and most important step in choosing Mother’s Day food gifts is to consider your mother’s preferences. Have a think about what foods she likes and what she doesn’t. Does she have any dietary restrictions or food allergies? Are sweet or savoury foods on her list of favourites? Does your Mum enjoy spending time cooking or baking? By considering your mother’s preferences, you can ensure that you choose a food gift that she will love.

Celebrate with an Afternoon Tea or a Picnic

Whether it’s two or a group family affair you’d like to have, why not celebrate with your Mum and create an afternoon tea or picnic experience to share. Although we’re heading into Spring the weather can still be a little on the chilly side. An indoor treat is always lovely whatever the weather. Try your hand at making homemade scones. We’ve got a buttermilk scone recipe ready for you to either make together or make in advance. They’re quick and easy to put together and are simply delicious served warm.

Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

All you’ll need to dress your table is a pretty tablecloth or covering, a tea set or your favourite mugs and plates. Maybe add a bunch of flowers or a flowering plant. Serve your homemade scones with luxury preserves and clotted cream. Some favourite preserves are Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve, Welsh Strawberry Conserve and Welsh Gooseberry & Elderflower Preserve and these make a delicious gift for you to share. You could either pick up individual jars or choose one of the gift packs or hampers. For that little extra way to spoil your Mum add some fizz to the occasion and serve your afternoon cream tea with a glass of chilled prosecco or champagne.

Mothers Day Gift
Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Picnic

If you are celebrating Mother’s Day with a picnic, you could choose a food gift that is easy to transport and enjoy outdoors. You could choose her favourite cheeses with a selection of chutneys, crackers, bread and seasonal fruits. Or why not make a charcuterie board with different types of meats, cheeses and accompaniments. Serve something delicious for pudding. We love a freshly baked warm scone and there’s always a place for them especially with Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve and cream.

Luxury Hampers and Gifts

Well presented Mother’s Day food gifts can be an ideal way to make your mother feel extra special. We also have a super selection of luxury hampers and luxury gifts to choose from. Mothers Day food gifts from Pantri Swswen are beautifully packaged and finished with a lux bow. You can even add a special personalised note when you place your order on an “Especially selected for you” gift tags.

Now you’re all set to spend some quality time and indulge with your loved ones with an experience and thoughtful gift. It’s such a lovely way to say a big thank you just for being you on Mothering Sunday!

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What goes with cheese?

What to eat with cheese?

Deciding on what goes with cheese and planning a great looking cheeseboard can be a little bit daunting but with some thought you can pull together an impressive and appealing spread.

Our top tip is to keep it simple by just using a few key components to accompany your chosen cheeses. Whether you’re including one or all such as hard, blue or a soft cheese, accompaniments for your cheeseboard are our speciality. We have an award winning range for you to choose from for your perfect chutney and cheese combination. You can choose from Welsh sweet pickled onions and moorish Welsh chutneys. Even our luxury Welsh marmalades can complement your cheeseboard selection. Adorn the platter with fresh figs, crisp apple, grapes or celery sticks and add a selection of crackers and breads.

What goes with cheese?
Spiced Welsh Rhubarb Chutney

There are many foods that pair well with cheese and here’s a few ideas to get you started:


Cheese and crackers is a classic combination for your cheeseboard and you can include some artisan bread for a rustic element. Just add some delicious Welsh chutney and you’ve got an ideal snack or lunchtime treat.

Cheese with Fruit

Cheese goes well with many types of fruit such as grapes, apples, pears, and berries. Our fruity chutneys include Welsh Pear & Roast Walnut Chutney. Why not try one of our award winning marmalades like Ruby Grapefruit & Welsh Honey Marmalade. This marmalade got gold from The Worlds Original Marmalade Awards and Gold at the ICA Awards. It’s a sure bet to deliver amazing flavour and a delicious alternative choice to serve with your cheeseboard.


Almonds, walnuts and pecans are all great choices and we include nuts in some of our chutneys for added texture and flavour. Why not give the Fig, Almond and Welsh Pumpkin chutney or Welsh Pear & Roast Walnut Chutney a try . They’re simply delicious.

Meats like salami, prosciutto, and ham are often served alongside cheese. Try one of our hedgerow fruit jellies alongside charcuterie on your cheeseboard. Given 2 gold stars from the Guild of Fine Food, Welsh Rowan Berry Jelly is a bittersweet fruit jelly with smokey undertones.

Cheese and Wine

Cheese and wine are a classic combination that has been enjoyed for centuries. They are both products of fermentation and have a rich history in the culinary world.

The combination of cheese and wine is a perfect match because the acidity and tannins in wine complement the creamy texture and rich flavours of cheese. There are several factors to consider when pairing such as the age and type and the body and flavor profile and of course personal preferences.

Some popular pairings include a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with aged Cheddar, a light Pinot Noir with a creamy Brie, and a dry Sauvignon Blanc with tangy goat cheeses. There are also regional pairings, such as pairing Parmigiano-Reggiano with Chianti or Roquefort with Sauternes.

When serving together, it is important to remember to serve them at the appropriate temperatures. Most cheeses should be served at room temperature, while white wines and some lighter reds should be served chilled. Red wines should be served at cellar temperature, which is slightly cooler than room temperature.

Overall, this combination is a timeless pairing that can elevate any dining experience. Whether enjoyed together as a simple snack or served as part of a more elaborate meal they are sure to delight the senses and leave a lasting impression.

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Great Taste Three Star Award 2021 ~ Pantri Swswen

Great Taste Three Star Award 2021 ~ Pantri Swswen

Great Taste Three Star Award 2021

Pantri Swswen based in Caersws, Mid Wales has been awarded a Great Taste Three Star Award for Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve and 1-star award for their Welsh Redcurrant Preserve.  Great Taste is the largest and most trusted food and drink awards on the planet. Out of 5,383 products worldwide to receive an award they are one of 4127 to receive a Great Taste 1-star & one of only 218 to receive a 3-star accolade on 21 September 2021. Pantri Swswen will now be able to display the unmistakable black and gold logo, a stamp of excellence that is recognised by retailers and consumers alike.

Judges Comments

Pantri Swswen are thrilled with the judges comments for their Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve “The aromas are of vibrant blackcurrants and they make your mouth water. This conserve has intense blackcurrant flavour with length and freshness. You get a sense of really good fruit which has been skillfully crafted into a fantastic product. The balance of fruit, sweetness and acidity is just stunning and makes this conserve feel like a real treat.”  “This is a gorgeous conserve – the colour is so intense, the smell is pure blackcurrant bushes, and the taste is divine. The soft set is lovely, there is enough fruit to give texture, but the most important aspect is the taste, and that is stunning. The maker has allowed the tartness of the blackcurrants to sing, and that is part of the success. A great product made with care”  and for their Welsh Redcurrant Preserve “A beautifully fresh colour and flavour – lovely acidity and well judged sweetness. Glossy and pretty. It tastes fabulous. You have captured all the characteristics that redcurrants have, not least their wonderful acidity. We didn’t mind the pips because that’s what redcurrants have! This is so well made and you have taken time and effort to ensure that the redcurrant and its amazing flavour have been allowed to shine”.

We are thrilled!

Lizzie Jones owner explains: “Welsh grown blackcurrants, sugar, water and a delicate cook to reach a soft set. It’s such a simple, humble yet perfect preserve that let’s the taste of blackcurrants shine. This conserve has been a best seller since we first started Pantri Swswen in 2012 and entering it into the Great Taste Awards this year has certainly proved fruitful!  We are thrilled with this award and to have also picked up an award for our Welsh Redcurrant Preserve is wonderful.  All of our preserves and cakes are made using Welsh grown and sourced ingredients, in particular we strive to support our local Welsh growers and producers who share our passion for Welsh food.  Small batch artisan production methods enable us to preserve and enhance the purity of the ingredients and we are thrilled that this has been recognised through our multiple awards and becoming a Great Taste Producer.

The Great Taste 1-star Welsh Redcurrant Preserve and 3-star Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve are available from local retail outlets and to purchase via our online shop Pantri Swswen and also in our gift pack trio’s and luxury hampers.

September 2021

For more information:

Contact: Lizzie


Guild of Fine Food Facts and Figures

Facts and figures about Great Taste 2021:

  • Established in 1994, Great Taste is organised by the Guild of Fine Food and is the world’s largest, longest standing and most respected food accreditation scheme for artisan and speciality food producers.
  • 14,113 different products were entered in 2021 from 108 countries.
  • 355 judges blind-tasted this year’s entries, including; Joanna Blythman, investigative journalist and food writer. Cook, writer, stylist and voice of modern vegetarian cooking Anna Jones. Author, Olia Hercules. Kenny Tutt, MasterChef 2018 champion and restaurateur. Food writer and cook, Xanthe Clay. Presenter, author and tutor, Steven Lamb. Baker and author, Martha Collison, and Kavi Thakrar from Dishoom, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Partridges.
  • Socially distanced judging took place over 86 days at four venues including Guild HQ in Gillingham, Dorset and the Guild of Fine Food’s London home, No. 42 Southwark Street, SE1
  • 4,027 awarded a Great Taste 1-star – A food that delivers fantastic flavour. Approximately 30% of entries will achieve this rating each year.
  • 1,138 awarded a Great Taste 2-star – Above and beyond delicious – less than 10% of entries will achieve this rating.
  • 218 awarded a Great Taste 3-star – Extraordinarily tasty foods – less than 2% of products are awarded a 3-star each year – don’t leave the shop without buying it!

Mention in Welsh Press

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Win a Hamper

sweet and savoury hamper

Be in with a chance to win a luxury Welsh preserve hamper.

We are giving away one of our luxury Welsh seasonal preserve hampers. All you need to do to be in with a chance to win is sign up to our newsletter!

Enter Competition

* indicates required

Competition Terms and Conditions

Pantri Swswen are giving away one luxury welsh seasonal preserve hamper (the competition).

The image used on the post is for illustration only. The content flavours may vary due to seasonal availability but will be equivalent to those shown.

The competition starts 1st March 2022 and finishes 00:00 31st May 2022.

The competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 years and over.

To enter the competition entrants must follow the instructions laid out in the Pantri Swswen social media posts and according to the details on our social media platforms.

One winner will be notified by the email address provided within 1 week following the closing date of the competition.

The competition prize will be one luxury welsh preserve hamper, there is no cash alternative.

Pantri Swswen reserves the right to cancel the award of the prize in the event of the non-compliance by any winner with these Terms and Conditions.

Pantri Swswen reserves the right to amend, alter or terminate this promotion at any time due to circumstances beyond its control.

Pantri Swswen accept no responsibility for entries that are illegible or lost or delayed due to technical problems. Proof of sending does not constitute proof of receipt.

Pantri Swswen shall use and take care of any personal information you supply to it in accordance with data protection legislation. By entering the competition, you agree to the usage and distribution of your personal information in order to process and contact you about your prize.

If the winning entrant doesn’t respond within 7 days of our notification email being sent the prize will be offered to another competition entrant without recourse.

This competition is in no way endorsed or administered by Facebook or Instagram.

Entry is deemed as acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

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Frangipane Recipe

Try making this simple frangipane recipe and create one of our favourite tarts.

We’ve shared an easy to follow recipe guide with you for a delicious, seasonal dessert.

Frangipane Recipe
Frangipane Tart

Frangipane Recipe

Frangipane is a rich and creamy almond filling that is used in various desserts such as tarts, cakes, and pastries. Frangipane is made with butter, sugar, eggs, ground almonds and sometimes additional flavourings and almond extract. Frangipane is often used as a filling in fruit tarts, such as the classic French dessert, the Galette des Rois. Gallette des Rois is traditionally served during the holiday season in France and we think it’s a real treat for a dessert. You can also use frangipane as a filling for croissants, danish pastries or as a layer in cakes. Its rich and nutty, almond flavour makes it a popular addition to many desserts.

Try using Welsh Blackcurrant Conserve for the filling, it works so well with the almond flavour of the frangipane. Or maybe you’d prefer Welsh Strawberry Conserve to capture a lovely flavour of summer.

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Shortbread Biscuits Recipe

Shortbread biscuits

You can whip up these delicious butter-rich shortbread biscuits in less than an hour. Serve on their own or for a sophisticated pudding pair with panna cotta choosing your favourite seasonal preserve to accompany your homemade dessert.

Shortbread Biscuits Recipe
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Luxury Welsh Marmalade Award 2020

luxury welsh marmalade

Gold Star Award for Luxury Welsh Marmalade

We’ve received multiple awards for our luxury welsh marmalade over the years. 2020 saw a very special 1 gold star Great Taste award for our Seville Orange & Welsh Apple Brandy Marmalade. Made with an award winning welsh apple brandy and organic Seville oranges it received some super comments from the Great Taste judges “A lovely pale orange colour and an enticing flavour.  The bitter orange and the apple brandy come through. A soft set with peel that has a good bite, creating depth in character.” “The apple brandy works well with the orange, creating a lightness and additional fresh fruitiness.” “The texture of the pith is superb and creates good bite and mouth feel, along with the true characteristics of Seville oranges.” Seville Orange & Welsh Apple Brandy Marmalade is available to purchase through our online shop The Pantry

luxury welsh marmalade

Great Taste Awards 2020 Pantri Swswen Press Release

Pantri Swswen is among the Great Taste winners of 2020

Great Taste, the world’s most trusted food and drink awards, has announced its stars of 2020. Out of 12,777 products sent in from 106 different countries,Pantri Swswen was awarded a1-star Great Taste award, which means judges dubbed it a food that delivers fantastic flavour.


Judged by 144 of the most discerning palates, belonging to food critics, chefs, cooks, restaurateurs, buyers, retailers and producers, as well as food writers and journalists, Great Taste is the most coveted of all food and drink awards. As well as a badge of honour, the unmistakeable black and gold Great Taste label is a signpost to an outstanding product, which has been discovered through hours and hours of blind tasting.

This year’s winners have been found through a combination of remote judging and socially distanced judging sessions, after the lockdown began just one week into the schedule. This necessitated a swift and comprehensive reinvention of the Great Taste process to ensure that robust judging standards were maintained and the quality of feedback was not compromised. All in time to provide a much-needed boost for food and drink producers during the all-important Christmas period.

The 2020 Award Judging & Judges

Recognised as a stamp of excellence among consumers and retailers alike, Great Taste values taste above all else, with no regard for branding and packaging. Whether it is cake, coffee, kippers or kombucha being judged, all products are removed from their wrapper, jar, box or bottle before being tasted. The judges then savour, confer and re-taste to decide which products are worthy of a 1-, 2- or 3-star award. There were 12,777 entries into Great Taste this year and of those products, 205 have been awarded a 3-star, 1,294 received a 2-star and 3,818 were awarded a 1-star accolade. The panel of judges this year included; cook, writer and champion of sustainable food, Melissa Hemsley. Cook, writer, stylist and voice of modern vegetarian cooking, Anna Jones. Celebrated Spanish chef, José Pizarro, Kavi Thakrar from Dishoom. Food writer and cook, Xanthe Clay, and baker and author, Martha Collison, as well as food buyers from Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason and Waitrose.