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What goes with cheese?

What to eat with cheese?

What goes with cheese and how to make a great looking cheeseboard

Deciding what goes with cheese and planning a great looking cheeseboard can be a little bit daunting but with some thought you can pull together an impressive and appealing cheeseboard.

Our top tip is to keep it simple by just using a few key components to accompany your chosen cheeses. Whether you’re including one or all such as a hard cheese, blue cheese or a soft cheese, accompaniments for your cheeseboard are our speciality. We have an award winning range for you to choose from for your perfect chutney and cheese combination. Choose from Welsh sweet pickled onions, moorish Welsh chutneys, and even our luxury Welsh marmalades to complement your cheeseboard selection. Adorn the cheese platter with fresh figs, crisp apple, grapes or celery sticks and add a selection of crackers and breads for contrast and texture.

What goes with cheese?
Spiced Welsh Rhubarb Chutney